The story behind the Studio

The story behind the Studio
Studio4ty3 was opened officially in September 2020. A haven for creating an increasing range of artwork. A home for my silversmithing tools and also for my sewing machine to name but a few.

Natural objects recreated in silver
My silver pieces began when I couldn't find a realistic ammonite pendant. Having walked on the beach at Charmouth many times, I decided to start with a real ammonite and cast from that. The resulting piece was very successful and was instantly something that I wore all the time. I enjoyed the process so much that I began to look for other ammonites, shells and natural objects that might work well cast in silver.

What started as a hobby quickly became more than that when people started asking where I had bought my jewellery. Once they found out I had made it, they wanted to know if I sold my work and so that's what I started to do.

Pre-loved textiles reimagined
Working with textiles came a a bit of a surprise to me as I didn’t find sewing easy when I was younger. Recycling textiles fits in with wanting to keep old fabrics, often with memories attached to them, in use.

Taking shirts that had belonged to my Dad, and making cushion covers from the scraps, I started thinking about other ways in which similar textiles could be used.

The bright colours and rich textures of ties led me to experimenting with different ways to use them. More cushions and pencil rolls followed, and I am still looking at different ways to re-imagine different types of fabric.